Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding || Adam Hasno & Wife

It's a family wedding just right before Ramadhan.. Sorry to Adam's wife.. I seriously forgot your name..Adam is my cousin's 2nd son.. but he's the last of his brothers to get married.. Lucky for him that his elder brother get to be at his wedding since he's staying in UK.. unlike the younger brother's wedding, the elder brother couldn't come back..

The wedding is at Dewan Merak Kayangan FELDA, Jalan Semarak.. Me, Mr. AZ and little Adam was looking forward for the wedding for the grill lamb.. it was so yummilicious.. it has been that yummy since the 1st brother's wedding.. little Adam also enjoyed the lamb..

Apart from the food was the company.. the whole lot of companies.. hehehe.. i mean the family members.. most of the were there.. I was a little afraid of little Adam reaction.. eventhough his social skill have improve since schooling.. but he sometimes backtracked.. But the wedding was a success for little Adam social skill.. he made friends and talk to family members.. and salam.. good boy!!

These are series of little Adam success..

little Adam and her niece, Yaya

continue eating and ignoring the camera

posing for the camera with his hand around Yaya

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