Monday, July 23, 2012

1st Ramadhan Weekend

The first weekend of Ramadhan were spend in Melaka.. Mr. Az's hometown.. didn't do much.. 

The 1st day of Ramadhan we went to Pasar Ramadhan in Merlimau town.. it was full.. and bad jam.. The food.. well not that much since they targeted more on drinks..I was frustrated because I was looking for fried popiah but couldn't find a stall that is selling that.. Little Adam wanted a chocolate cake.. luckily I managed to grab the final chocolate muffins at one of the stall..

Yesterday we went to Melaka city.. brought MIL for Raya shopping.. I didn't buy anything except for little Adam's pyjamas.. 

We came back after Tarawikh and it was a bad crawl all the way from Senawang to KL.. We even stopped at Seremban rest area for Mr. AZ to snooze a bit.. Safely arrived at around 2 a.m just now..

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