Monday, July 9, 2012

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Received a SMS from little Adam's school inviting for a Parent-Teacher Meeting at his school.. I was truly excited to go just to know on little Adam's progress..

We came just in time.. I thought it was a meeting.. as in meeting at the office.. It's exactly a one family-teacher meeting.. we were the 2nd family.. While waiting little Adam was singing to the songs that he learn at school.. 

After couple of minutes, it was our turn.. little Adam greeted his teacher once we entered the classroom.. The teacher, Ms. Mie Mie showed us his report.. Most of his report were on the good side.. so ok for that.. I asked the teacher about little Adam's socializing problem.. she said there is an improvement on that..

We left his school slightly after that.. and went home feeling satisfied.. another money well spend..

while waiting for our turn
little Adam's report card

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