Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Night In KL City Centre

I was sent for a week course in right in the middle of KL city centre..the place is Quality City Centre Hotel.. the course? as usual the same old technical things full of technical jargons.. I commute daily from home but still I was given a sharing room with a colleague of mine.. 

The course was supposed to end Friday evening but unexpectedly it ended before lunch that day.. Hence they booked the hotel rooms until Saturday.. most of the participants took the opportunity to shop for Raya since it is just around the corner.. coincidently SOGO hosted their preview sale.. for members only.. most of them borrowed member cards from friends.. My card was being borrowed also since I have no intention to shop.. my roommate decided to went back early.. so I have the room to myself.. what should I do? hmmm..

Called Mr. AZ asking him and little Adam to join me after he came back from work.. since the room is available and come with meals.. the most important thing is its FREE!!

That night we sleep at the hotel.. little Adam was enjoying the experience very much.. he slept late that night.. I guess the excitement kept him from sleeping..

The next morning Mr. AZ went to work without having breakfast.. So, it's just me and little Adam fro breakfast.. he ate a lot! From sausages to bread and then hashbrown and finish up with roti canai his favourite..

Just before lunch time we went back to home sweet home.. Little Adam is still chanting the word "Q Hotel".. For him its Quality Hotel.. My son is so obsessed with hotels.. heeee

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