Wednesday, July 11, 2012

School Nite Out

One of the school nite, Mr. AZ asked me & little Adam to join him for a nite out tea at one of the mamak restaurant near home.. little Adam was very excited.. he seldom get the chance to go out at nite.. the place of choice is Kayu Nasi Kandar in Ampang.. that place was less cramped and hectic.. it is more laid back were most of their patrons were families having their meals.. a good place for little Adam..

I ordered 2 roti canai and Mr. AZ ordered a capati.. for little Adam i asked for dhall while fish curry for me.. we shared lemon tea.. 

please excuse his using the left hand.. still in training..

we had to wait for him to finish.. which is a very very long time

Surprisingly little Adam manage to finish the whole roti by himself.. and he even asked for another bowl of dhall..

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