Tuesday, August 7, 2012

18th Ramadhan 1433H

The most awaited menu for me.. I love this menu no matter what time it is.. I just love it.. nasik goreng sardin.. yummss.. but it would be much yummss if it's spicier.. but i guess the sister was thinking of the kids eating together.. I can see that little Adam also loves this nasik goreng.. he had 2 servings of it.. and the sister created a new dish.. Sunquick chicken.. that was nice also.. an upgraded version of the normal chicken sambal.. and then she baked the normal dalca.. before that she cracked 2 eggs on top of the dalca.. as I don't eat dalca.. I dont know the taste like.. but everybody else was enjoying it..

nasik goreng sardin
sunquick chicken
baked dalca
not so nice otak-otak
fried wantan

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