Thursday, August 23, 2012

Makan - makan || Padi House, Galeria Putrajaya

Since people are still in their raya holiday, saya yang bekerja ni takda tempat nak makan.. Yesterday sedih betol.. minum kopi & biskut kosong.. Itupon nasib baik ada biskut.. If not berlapar laa..

So today, I planned ahead.. Ajak Mr. AZ lunch together-gether.. haaaa.. the place.. where else?? Galeria laa.. Padi House.. muahahahha.. Here is where I share my first and second experience dining there.. Actually there is a third experience.. tapi tak share lagi sini.. Will do it soon.. heeeee..

We took the lunch set.. Mongolian Lamb Cutlets.. with mushroom soup and ice lemon tea.. and it costs us only RM17.90 per set.. value for money?? yesssss..

But my verdict of the cutlets.. well.. I've had better.. I mean during my second & third experience was better.. this time around I can taste the "lamb taste".. get it?? hanyir sikitlaa.. & most probably tak marinate lama like before..

from outside
money plant
starter - mushroom soup
drink - ice lemon tea
Main Course - Mongolian Lamb Cutlets
Padi House @ Putrajaya
Galeria PjH
Jalan P4W
Persiaran Perdana
Presint 4 Putrajaya
(Opposite Menara KBS)
10am - 10pm daily

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