Sunday, August 5, 2012

Iftar with Besties || Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill, Bukit Jelutong

This was a last minute plan.. this idea came up a couple of days before the supposedly Iftar day.. the day was also changed last minute.. from Saturday to Sunday.. but the place has already been set up firmly.. no change.. not the place maybe.. the choice of food to eat.. this time around we go for steak.. at first we tried to avoid going for a buffet.. it seems that everybody's stomach has lost the elasticity to be stuffed with foods.. But end up we took the buffet menu.. since it's quite reasonable for RM68 for a all you can eat steak.. right??

The place of choice is Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill.. and the requested venue is Bukit Jelutong.. Since according to some, we always met up in the area within KL.. so they win this time.. next time KL balik erk??

I went to their Wangsa Maju branch during one of my red meat craving phase.. I like their meat but not the side dishes.. But I did another round of reading reviews for their Bukit Jelutong branch.. Most of them reviewed that the Bukit Jelutong branch was way better than their Wangsa Maju branch.. there you have it.. I got to try that branch..

Originally the plan is for me to bring little Adam with me while Mr. AZ have some other plan.. during the last minute, he decided to follow us instead.. he's jealous of me having a good time with all the steaks without him.. eheheheh.. but he wouldn't admit..

The place was quite easy to find.. and we arrived some 30 minutes before Iftar.. had a good chat with the ladies.. still couldn't get all of us together.. 

5 minutes to Iftar, i start to take foods for little Adam.. some sausages & fries.. I would fed him the steaks while I'm eating.. the choice?? whoaaahh.. there's beef, lamb, chicken and salmon.. all grilled.. and then theres kebab, meetballs, sausages (beef & chicken), pasta, salads, potato salads, fries, fruits and drinks.. and lucky for us.. we were seated next to the buffet table.. such a heaven..

Had some 2-3 rounds of steaks and we stopped.. I guess that's our limit.. but money well spent.. for a normal steak meal would cost us around RM 50 not including drinks..

Whoever is planning for an Iftar out.. do take Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill into consideration.. that is if u're hungry for red meat.. They have another branch in Kota Damansara.. but only BJ & KD branch offers Premium Buka Puasa Steak Buffet.. they have the Standard Buffet in WM branch with a lesser price..

while waiting for the azan
beef & lamb steak
my plate on the first round
little Adam with his favourites - sausages
best friends since matriculation days - there is supposed to be 10 of us
at their counter
I Say (Ramadhan Buffet)
Price : reasonable for RM68 for all you can eat steak and little Adam eat for free.. they only charge for kids 7-12 years old..
Foodacceptable but would love if there were more choice for steak cuts.. and hope they would replenish the steak more.. by the time we leave, there were no more steak on the tray..
Service : the waiter's was polite.. since it's buffet I couldn't comment much on that
Environment : relaxing environment, a very nice place to bring the whole family
Parking : ample

Where :
Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill
Lot 04-G, D'Bayu
Jalan Serambi U8/24
Bukit Jelutong
Tel : 03 - 7845 5150

Hours :
10am to 10pm (daily)

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