Friday, August 31, 2012

Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya

Since I was unable to take additional leave during the 1st week of raya.. I opted to take my leave after all the people came back from their raya leave.. so here I am.. on my leave..

An express plan from us.. a getaway to somewhere near the husband's workplace.. Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa it is.. eheheheh.. a short getaway.. Luckily I get special government servant's discount on the room..

Thursday afternoon, me & Adam took the ERL to Putrajaya.. the husband fetch us from the Putrajaya Central.. Adam was the most excited person all through the journey.. he loves taking the train ride..was jumping and shouting at every train he saw..

a gift from the hotel -on the bedside table

bar of chocolate

Nothing much that we did at the room.. since the  husband works.. after his office hour.. he came back to the room and brought Adam to the pool.. I didn't join them.. too lazy and too many mosquitoes..

making friends

enjoying himself

going back to our room
view of the lobby from pool
That night we had dinner out.. Nandos.. and a night drive around Cyberjaya.. such a relaxing night.. usually at home by this time we were already in our room relaxing on the bed..

The next day was an early morning since we rushed to have breakfast with the husband.. he's working and have to clock-in at 8 in the morning.. we were the only ones at the restaurant.. This was my first experience with hotel breakfast buffet where I don't have to queue up for ommelette.. they even sent it to our table..

We didn't stay at the restaurant for long.. after the husband took off.. Adam was too restless to stay indoor where the swimming pool is within view.. too bad I'm not in the mood to bring him for a swim.. just lounging at the seat provided and went back to our room when the sum was too hot too handle..

We checked out close to lunch time.. such a short getaway.. such a nice time.. just to relax and detox from the normal hectic life.. and now Adam is always asking about staying at the hotel.. in fact now he is asking me when we'll be going to the hotel again.. ohhhh....

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