Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding || Yasmin & Aisar

A cousin's wedding.. Mr. AZ's site.. somewhere in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.. Went there a bit late since Mr. AZ is working.. I make sure little Adam ready at noon so that we can fetch Mr. AZ before going to his the wedding.. My mom joined us since my father went back to his hometown..

As we arrived we met the family first since MIL is also here.. then we went for the food.. the food? yummmsss! I so love the daging masak hitam and also the cendol.. almost went for second round.. the rice grain was so long.. just like nasi arab..

After that went inside to relax.. It was a good timing because the bride was about to go out to welcome her groom.. She's pretty.. with all white dress.. AS she walked away.. I noticed that her shoes were striking pink!! and was really really tall.. mind you, the bride is a bit petite.. but as a whole she looked lovely on her wedding day.. just like a princess..

I love their theme.. colourful flowers with offwhite background.. i took the dais & hantaran pictures.. all with fresh flowers.. but Mr. AZ accidentally deleted all of them.. but it really was beautiful.. But i have a picture of the high table flower centrepiece..

high table centrepiece - fresh flowers
We stayed a while.. and then went back and little Adam was asleep all the way home.. too tired playing with all the cousins.. he missed them very much..

To Yasmin & Aisar "Congratulations on your wedding. May you live happily together ever after!"

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