Monday, September 10, 2012

The Icon Is Back, Das Auto || KL Convention Centre (KLCC)

Everywhere was raving about VW The Icon.. At first i didn't know what it was about.. until a friend told me it is actually VW launching gimic.. they were introducing The Icon.. So I registered the 3 of us to attend at KLConvC on Sunday.. It was during afternoon session.. 

our admission ticket

We arrived just in time to collect the ticket.. and then line up for photo booth outside the exhibition hall.. By the time we entered the hall it was already full.. and we were seated at the back.. nothing much to see from there just the back of people heads..heheeh.. rasakan!! sape suruh lambat..

photobooth photo

Little Adam was afraid of the dark and the loud music.. But when they brought out The Icon.. he was shouting.. "mama! Sport Car! Sport Car!" What I don't understand is that some people who were seating infront.. kept on standing up to see The Icon.. they were acting like they were the potential owner of The Icon.. but I doubt that because they were the ones left the exhibition early.. infact earlier than us.. 

Then we were ushered to another big exhibition hall.. this is where all VW cars where displayed.. We spent a little time there and off we go for our late lunch..

at the exhibition hall
with the red The Icon

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