Friday, September 14, 2012

Raya Celebration at Work

Every year the office sambut raya towards the end.. last year pon same.. This year we stick to last years arrangements.. Pot Luck hoping that every pot would bring a lot of luck!!

Tapi this year meriah sikit.. the boss belanja Pizza and our whole menu changed.. main dish is pizza and sate.. so orang lain bawak dessert.. and the list of dessert goes on and on.. sampai dah x terimagine..

On the day itself, ada la pulak orang bawak nasi kerabu (that was the best plain nasi kerabu I ever had.. all this while dok makan dengan lauk).. and loads of dessert.. and the must haves for raya.. lemang, nasi impit & rendang.. our sate came late sebab it seems that ramai orang buat raya celebration.. and there were birthday cake for some of us yang celebrate birthday..

Sangat happy with the food.. and now I am craving for more nasi kerabu!! Dahla tadi I had 2 large helpings of it.. Oh my!

Feast your eyes with all the food.. sebab gamba orang takde..

main dish : pizza
main dish : nasi kerabu
main dish : nasi kerabu (salads)
main dish : nasi kerabu (condiments)
main dish : nasi kerabu (condiments)
main dish : nasi kerabu (salty eggs + lime)
mush haves dish : nasi impit and kuah lodeh (i forgot to take the picture)
must haves dish : lemang
must haves dish : beef + lung rendang
dessert : green trifle

dessert : fruit cocktail
dessert : mini desserts
dessert : fruits
dessert : birthday cake

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