Friday, March 8, 2013

What To Do?

So my helper of 5 years decided to go back to Indonesia this June.. she's with us since Adam was born.. couldn't say she is perfect but I was really satisfied with the way she take care of Adam.. and Adam is very very comfortable with her..  she treated her as if Adam is her brother.. I won't stop her because I already did that when she decided the first time last 2 years.. I told her to consider staying until Adam go to school..

Now the time has come.. and Adam is already settled in his new school.. thought of sending him for whole day session.. but I couldn't see him being that independent after being pampered by the helper all this while.. most probably sending him until 3 o'clock and when he reaches home he's too tired to do anything except sleeping.. then he won't be a burden for my parents to care for him until I come back.. hmmmm..

or should I get another helper?? but I'm afraid that Adam wont be able to warm up to the new helper.. and what I'm afraid most is will the new helper able to care for Adam with all his mood swings and shouting and everything that comes together with it..

any idea to share??


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