Sunday, March 31, 2013

Makan - Makan || Warung Tapak Sulaiman, Kajang

Ramai dah review pasal this place.. mostly orang Putrajaya.. so one day, being lucky, I get to book for 3 person at this place.. from other reviews, dapat tau that you don't have to order, just sit at your assigned table and order for your drinks and just wait for the food to arrive..

Sebelum nak pegi tu penat search for the easiest way to go there.. I even called up a colleague yang dah pernah pegi.. but I became more confused.. In the end, I choose a direction and stick with that..

Alhamdulillah.. direction tu senang je ikut.. we safely arrived there.. part parking pulak yang susah.. true to every review.. memang penuh.. we had to park di kalangan monyet-monyet sekalian..

orang dah penuh

Masuk je warung tu nampak meja with my name on it.. duduk je ada orang datang tanya order air and after that 1 by 1 food arrived.. sampai je the STAR dish memang lah dah terliur sangat-sangat..

name tagging

Start makan je.. macam tiba-tiba brought back to masa zaman kecik-kecik makan kat kampung masa cuti sekolah.. oohhh.. blisss.. cukup segala rasa.. memang tak pandang kiri-kanan dah.. suara pon tak dengar dah..

Our set meal that day..

ayam goreng
 ayam goreng ni macam ayam goreng kat rumah je.. so tak payah komen la kot..

ikan goreng dan sos kicap

this dish pon biasa je.. buat ratah-ratah.. tapi ikan die garing.. best betol meratah..

sayur kobis goreng

ahahaha.. same je dengan komen kat atas..

timun + sambal belacan

sambal belacan tu memang kick! sedap!!

STAR dish - masak lemak ketam
masak lemak dia memang sedap betul.. cukup semua rasa ada.. pedas pon just nice.. Kitorang siap hirup kuah.. macam sayang betul.. siap macam nak bungkus kuah je bawak balik masa dah habis makan tu.. tapi malu la kan.. lauk dah habis.. kuah pon nak bungkus ke??!!

set meal for 3

They charge RM13 per person regardless what you drink..while waiting foe our food to be served, we noticed the TV3's Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan plaque hanged at the cashier.. but couldn't confirm whether they were already on air or not..

After eating there.. I can summarised the process of eating at this warung as..

call for booking >> arrive >> seat >> order for drinks >> wait to be serve >> eat >> pay

This way of eating eliminates the process of choosing food which I usually hate.. there you go.. a place that suits me so well.. heh!

Oo..after this nak kene try other set meal.. according to some review lain hari lain set meal.. yang pasti STAR dish selang seli between udang and ketam..

at the end of the journey

Warung Tapak Sulaiman
No. 80A, Jalan Jamaluddin, Desa Putra, 43000 Kajang, SELANGOR
Hours : breakfast and lunch only (need to call for booking)
Tel :  017 - 381 2246 / 017 - 274 7761

I Say

Price : RM 13 for the whole dish.. what more to ask? 
Food : truly a local dish.. just like what you eat at home
Service : service was breeze.. once you're seated you don't have to wait long to be served
Atmosphere : kampung like.. peaceful  
Cleanliness : lean  
Parking : parking is a bit of a problem.. you can always gable and park in front of their neighbours.. or you can always park downhil or uphill and you can hike up or climb down to the warung.. I would suggest to drive there with smaller cars or a 4WD..


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Best kan!

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Sedapp???nope...biasa bini n mom msak kt umah.nothing nk war2 kn.murahh???mmg murah sbb x yah byr swa kdai..umah sndri mkn skli je..sbb rse biasa..x lh marvellous pn.