Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Makan - Makan || Restoran Sri Pelabuhan Seafood, Cherating

As I said earlier..  we had to turn back just before we reached Cherating and we saw this place as the most appealing restaurant.. this restaurant also had the most cars lines-up in front.. so that's the place of our choice.. the name is Restoran Sri Pelabuhan Seafood..

seafood restaurant - pic google

When we arrive there it was raining and there were couple of tables occupied.. We were first seated and was brought to the fresh seafood station to choose.. Took siakap, a very large sotong (tamak!) and couple of prawn.. and ordered ayam goreng kunyit for Adam..

Then 1 by 1 the food came..

Adam's ayam goreng kunyit

The chicken for ayam goreng kunyit were fried until crispy.. so it was Adam favourite I must say.. he finished it all up by himself..

udang bakar

I was imagining udang bakar just like what I have before at Alaa.. Kassim.. the prawn is grill together with garlic butter.. but they grill my prawns with the ikan bakar sauce.. quite disappointed there.. But the prawn was cooked well and juicy..

siakap sweet sour

the sweet sour sauce was okay-okay laa.. but the disappointment was the way they fry the fish.. they should've fry it a little bit more so that the fish would be more crispier and more delicious..

sotong goreng tepung or is it tepung celup sotong??!!

This was the biggest failure of that night.. the batter was too thick that we had to separate the squid with the batter.. and the squid was chewy of over cooking..

So I don't think there'll be a second visit.. sorry to the owner.. but that's how I feel..

Restoran Sri Pelabuhan Seafood, Kuantan
20, Kampung Selamat, Jalan Pelabuhan, 26100 Kuantan, PAHANG

I Say

Price : I forgot about the price but I guess it was okay because didn't remember Mr. AZ complaining
Food :  the food was so-so.. but I would rate it to the lower side of so-so.. the choice of seafood were limited..
Service : service was good.. no comment there
Atmosphere : a normal thai and seafood restaurant
Cleanliness : fair
Parking : ample parking around the restaurant of the restaurant..

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