Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Homework on School Holiday

Adam brought back couple of workbook on his last day of school and together with a note for the parents to assist the kids to finish up the work assigned for them..

I counted the pages that Adam have to do.. and it is 58 pages!! I suspected that actually the work have to be done at school.. but knowing my son - who the teacher reported during his 1st progress report needs a lot of practice in writing - he didn't do it..  and since the school have this concept of no homework.. he was not sent back with a homework.. 

Sekarang Mama bertukar jadi naga!! singa pon boleh jugak..

the table

So.. I did this table just to monitor his homework progress.. and put it in front of him..

ni progress selepas mama jadi singa mengaum 2 hari
I guess this table give him some sort of encouragement to finish his homework.. he wanted to do more pages when he saw me striking off a couple of boxes..

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