Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Teachers Day

Adam's first teachers day.. Eventhough he went to play school last year.. but this year is the real school..I don't think he even now what Teacher's Day is.. bu I said to him to give "presents" to his aunties.. notice the word presents? that's the keyword to get his attention.. I gave all the teacher's because I really appreciate what they did to Adam.. He showed a lot of improvement from the first day I sent him to the school.. alhamdulillah.. a little appreciation won't hurt right?

I made the thank you card myself and asked Adam to write his name on the card
the final look of the card
the gift for each teacher

Do you guys remember what did you get for your teachers for Teacher's Day? I still remember when I was in kindie.. my mom had this garden full of blooming orchids.. early in the morning, she would gather up colourful orchids and made them into bouquets for my teachers.. when I went to school.. I mean when I get to appreciate that day.. I only gave my teachers pens.. Kilometrico pens to be exact.. all 3 colours! heeee.. and the gifts giving stop when I was in boarding school.. I guess money was the issue that time.. I prefer to spent my monthly allowances on me rather for other people.. hehehehe.. such a selfish girl I am..

p/s: at Adam's school, their teachers are known as aunties..

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