Friday, May 31, 2013

Makan - Makan || Padi House, Galeria Putrajaya

I guess it has become our monthly getaway during lunch hour.. we surely will come here whenever we had a bad case of trying at new places.. some sort of a rebound..

mushroom soup
our drinks
french fries
lamb with black pepper sauce
mongolian lamb cutlets
grille salmon with key lime sauce

My comment on Padi House didn't change much from the comment I gave from my first visit..

Padi House @ Galeria, Putrajaya 
Galeria PjH, Jalan P4W, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4, PUTRAJAYA   
Hours : 1000am - 1000pm daily

I Say  

Price : as always.. worth the penny for the food they serve 
Food : I always love the food since its different from the normal office cafe food..
Service : smooth service eventhough they were full during lunch hour
Atmosphere : love the ambience    
Cleanliness : clean   
Parking : parking is not a problem.. lots of basement parking if you don't mind paying RM2.. if not park by the roadside at your own risk

1 comment:

Chera miche said...

hiye :) potion wise mmg tummy full. a bit pricy, tapi food dia not bad. sedap la. :)