Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sotong Goreng Tepung

One day Mr. AZ came home with squids.. he said he wanted sotong goreng tepung.. apparently our holiday to Kuantan doesn't satisfy his sotong goreng tepung cravings.. so here goes..

This is a campak-apa-yang ada recipe..


Squid - clean and cut into ring pieces 
2 portion wheat flour
1 portion rice flour
ice cold water 
cooking oil


1.   mix wheat flour and rice flour
2.   add in the salt and pepper to the flour mix
3.   heat up the cooking oil. wait until the oil is heated

4.   add in the ice cold water bit by bit to the flour. Mix quickly
4.   dip the squid rings in the batter then into the oil
5.   wait until the squid turn into pale yellow and take them out of the oil
6.  drain the excess oil with a paper towel and serve with chilli sauce

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