Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Makan - Makan || Alaa... Kasim Ikan Bakar, Alai, Melaka

During one of the weekends, we went back to Melaka for BIL's wedding.. But I went back with my parents a day later after MR. AZ.. but my parents stayed at Renaissance Hotel in Melaka town.. Masa tu tak berapa sihat so terpaksa tumpang my parents.. Rasa tak selesa orang tengah sebok-sebok nak kenduri then I was there helpless tak buat ape2..

Sampai hotel just nice after check-in time, so I went to checked us in while abah parked the car.. Lagipon booking was made under my name.. katenye government rate.. heee.. Adam was super excited! macam biasela.. always happy bile enter any hotels.. 

sebokla tanya.. "mama, what are you doing?" 

bila cakap "I'm q-ing to pay for our stay in hotel. Do you want to sleep here?" 

tros jawab "yes, yes, yes. Adam love hotel"

After that teros naik our room, the view memang best.. Kampung Morten and the river cruise.. Adam was super duper excited.. melompat-lompat.. naik katil and turun katil.. 

then i said "Adam, lepas ni malam ni kite sleep rumah nenek ok?"

Adam, "Noooo!! Adam sleep hotel!"

Sudah! macammane la nak balik rumah MIL malam ni?? takpe kite tunggu sampai Mr. AZ datang nanti.. We planned to have dinner at one of the ikan bakar restaurant.. most probably dekat Alai.. My sister and family will be joining us later at the restaurant.. Petang tu just hang out dalam bilik.. After bath and susu, Adam slept peacefully..

Close to Maghrib macamtu Mr. AZ sampai and dalam pukul 8 head out to Alai.. to be exact Crystal Bay.. My sister is already on the way.. so we'll be meeting her up there instead of at the hotel.. Masa nak keluar hotel room tu Adam dah bising-bising that he wanted to sleep hotel.. we just ignored him and said that akan datang balik later after dinner..

Rushing jugakla nak ke kedai ikan bakar tu sebab takut crowded since it's on a weekend night.. Sampai situ memang dah penuh pon.. tapi luckily ada satu family baru je bangun just infront of us.. so teros duduk and it is dekat kedai yang most review i read about was a positive review.. it is Alaa... Kasim.. 

Since my sister tak sampai lagi, I took the resposibility to choose our food.. with abah of course! i don't trust my decision.. muahahahha.. so kitorang pilih udang, sotong, ikan.. then later my sister tambah ketam.. For udang ada 2 cara masak, half masak sambal (especially for Mr. AZ) another half bakar, sotong semestinya goreng tepung, ikan bakar sambal and ketam black pepper.. Air a jug of tembikai and nasik lemak..  Yang best masa tengah pilih bahan mentah tu, timing kitorang memang tepat sebab orang kedai tu baru je tambah sotong and udang.. Dapatla pilih udang and sotong yang besar-besar.. rezeki...

sambal kicap
nasik lemak
udang masak sambal
udang bakar
sotong goreng tepung

Memang la ramai orang sebab nak dapat nasik lemak pon lambat.. but dapat nasik lemak sekali dengan udang masak sambal.. just nice.. so apalagi? bismillah lepas tu tak angkat muka dah.. ahahahahhaha.. then udang bakar pon sampai and sotong goreng tepung.. paling last is ikan bakar and ketam.. Udang masak sambal okla.. tapi pedas sikit for me.. orang lain sumer ok je.. tapi we like udang bakar better sebab udang tu dibakar dengan garlic butter.. yummss.. sotong goreng tepung pon best.. love!! ikan bakar masak sambal rupenya portugese style ikan bakar tu.. masak dalam foil.. pon nice.. the fish nicely cook.. for ketam.. hmmm.. biase je la.. sebab macam kering jek.. not to our liking..

Lepas makan tu we separate ways.. my parents and sister went back to the hotel.. kitorang sefamily head back to MIL's.. Adam mengamuk sakan all the way to MIL's.. sebab nak tido hotel.. tapi once jumpe all his cousins..terus lupe hotel.. eheheheheh..

Ikan Bakar Ala.. Kasim
Gerai No. 1, Medan Ikan Bakar Alai - Gerai MBMB, Crystal Bay, Alai, 75460 MELAKA
Tel: 012 - 611 9161

I Say
Price : reasonable for all that we had that night we were only charge 100++.. Mr. AZ wont tell me the right amount..
Food :  The seafood was fresh.. the best so far for me.. but still in search for a better seafood place.. i love their grilled prawn with garlic..
Service : good service considering the crowd that night
Atmosphere : a food court.. what more can you ask for? on weekend somemore
Cleanliness : fair
Parking : paid parking..and the hardest on weekend night.. but someone will guide you to an empty space

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