Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome Home

Went to the airport to pick-up abah.. went there quite early but later find out that his flight delayed.. my sis and bro waited at KLIA's mosque while me & dude went straight t the airport.. Dude stayed in the car (to sleep!) while me and Adam waited inside..

While waiting, he wanted to have mushroom soup & bread.. later we were joined by my sis & bro & mak.. then we moved to Burger King until Abah's flight touched down..

The kids was the happiest.. they are happily running around the departure floor..

We saw Abah's bestfriend before seeing him.. he walked a bit slowly.. all thanks to gout! and thanks to the lamb mandhy and lamb kebab he had while in UK..Other than that everything is A-ok..

adam with his mushroom soup and bread
the kids

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