Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pengkalan Balak with InLaws

This trip was planned by BIL over one of the weekend during school holidays.. The chalet was Darul Aslah if I'm not mistaken.. just by the beach..we arrived at the chalet as they were having dinner.. everything was ready.. i mean everything by everything.. including barbequed chickens & sausages.. there were even grill fishes.. and everything were eaten with homecooked nasik lemak.. makan sangat kenyang ok?? 

Seriously the weather was really hot.. luckily all the chalet were air-conditoned.. lena jugakla tido..

The next morning.. very early next morning everybody was all ready to hit the beach.. some of us went to buy breakfast.. ahahaha..to bad the food was not great but can do laa..

adam with a rejected fish
the family enjoying themselves
budak sombong taknak swimming

Adam at first was adamant on not going to the beach.. "No!! Adam taknak swimming!" "Please Mama.. Adam No swimming" At the beach memang dia tak sentuh air langsung.. Just people watching at the side.. but once one of the cousin brought her sand tools.. he just sat on the sand and play.. Bit by bit and finally he enter the water.. ahahaha..and he truly enjoy himself.. 

building sandcastle

writing on the sand

Me on the other side just watching fishermen came back from the sea.. but most of them said they were not lucky that day.. my inlaws managed to buy a couple of grams of prawns.. fresh prawns.. 


Close to 12 o'clock we checked out and make our way back to KL.. hope to have another trip like this again.. somewhere other than Melaka perhaps??

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