Sunday, June 2, 2013

Makan - Makan || Ikan Bakar Ribu-Ribu, Taman Keramat

Whenever I think of Ikan Bakar and air asam I would think of this shop.. they were always full especially during the lunch hour on working days.. sometimes the ikan bakar would run out.. what I love the most is the air asam.. the smell of the air asam sometimes would last couple of days.. yumm!!

Why did I call the shop Ikan Bakar Ribu-Ribu??

1. I don't know the actual name
2. usually the cashier would charge us in thousands.. except this thousands are in cents.. So our normal meal for 3 included 3 ikan bakar would cost around 2 ribu.. heeee..

the grill
ikan bakar and air asam
my plate complete with sambal tempoyak and ulam

Ikan Bakar Ribu-Ribu, Keramat  
Medan Selera AU2, Taman Desa Keramat 54200 KUALA LUMPUR  
Hours : 1100am - 0300pm (close on Sundays) 

I Say 

Price : acceptable for the nice and varieties of food.. but don't be shocked when the cashier will charge you hundreds or thousands of ringgit.. he actually meant hundred or thousands of cents..
Food : variety of dish to chose from 
Service : service was fast! we were serve with our drinks a couple of minutes after we ordered
Atmosphere : there's sit for everyone
Cleanliness : clean 
Parking : parking is a bit of a problem.. eventhough there were parking at the medan selera.. but still sometimes you have to double park or even worst park by the main roadside

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ja'a said...

kedai abg din ni... owner dia kurus2x...