Saturday, July 13, 2013

4th Ramadhan 1434H

Its the weekend and our Iftar today was a makan affair.. Joined by my big brother and family.. it sure was happening.. with the kids playing while the adults break-fasting.. it felt like a festive..

These are what we have..

egg salad
pajeri nanas
sambal bilis tempoyak

ikan kering, bawang goreng & cili
ayamas ayam percik
ayamas bariani ayam

steam tofu - i nicknamed it garden of happiness

And our neighbour gave us nasik kerabu set complete with ayam percik.. yummmss!

rice & gravy
ayam percik

I even have the urge to make springroll.. it was the hot item of the night.. unfortunately.. I forgot to take picture of the rolls.. next time maybe..

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