Saturday, July 20, 2013

Iftar With Bestfriends || Laman Grill, Shah Alam

Sorry for being silent for quite some time.. I was down with fever.. the one that drained the whole energy out of you.. and now I'm still having some cough and runny nose.. but everything else is okay..

So.. this year Iftar with my bestfriends happened earlier part of Ramadhan.. We still maintained the western theme.. Laman Grill in Shah Alam.. All the review I read in blogs gave positive comments.. Can't wait to be there..

Arrived there around 6.45 with Adam.. Mr. AZ couldn't join us because he had to work.. when we arrived there were still many table unoccupied..but we were told the place were fully book.. maybe it will be when it gets closer to Iftar..

While waiting, we ordered for our Main Dish.. oohh.. forgor to tell that this is a semi-buffet Ramadhan meal.. so had to order for our main dish while the starter, drinks and dessert are served buffet style.. done with ordering, we did some catch-ups..

By 7.15 people already started to walk along the buffet line.. I guess to see what's been served.. When somebody started taking food.. then came throngs of people lining up.. luckily our table was just nearby..

I started with desserts.. the choices.. hurmmm.. not that much.. I didn't go gaga on the spread.. even the starter was so-so.. and the salad also.. I guess I just quite disappointed with the buffet line.. well.. hope the taste won't be disappointing also.. 

Then it's time for Iftar.. The restaurant turn on the local radio to hear the Azan.. a plus point there.. and while people were lining up at the buffet table, I can see the restaurant owner.. One of the Marterchef's jury.. Chef Zubir was busy preparing food.. heh.. Starstruck kejap..

After a while, it started to feel hot.. it seems the restaurant is having problem with their aircond.. gahh! panas menggelegaklaa.. memang uncomfortable.. and the sweetness in most of the food make it a little bit more tak best.. 

Then the main dish came.. Nasib baik the dish cover the whole thing.. my sirloin steak was perfect.. eventhough it is a little bit small than expected.. dengan Adam shared my dish.. but I love it.. But couldn't say the same to the side dishes.. the salad was sweet.. even the baked potato had the sweet taste.. Even my friends dishes tasted the same.. they said it's a bit sweet..

Oh.. there is a surau outside of the restaurant but in the same block.. we stayed there for quite a while chit chatting.. and we were among the last to leave.. Even after leaving the restaurant, we hung out somewhere there.. The best time.. Adam made friends with one of my friends daughter.. they clicked..

Before we leave.. I had Adam and his new friend to take picture with the restaurant owner.. being the new Adam.. he said okay (before this he would always say no).. when I asked him.. do you know who he is.. he said "Yes, Chef Zubiir" ahahah.. a little too much watching tv eh?

So.. that's about it.. I won't be coming again in the near future.. but who knows? according to my friend who came during normal month.. the food were great.. maybe I should try then I can re-evaluate my judgement..

the restaurant

buffet line
the chef's wall of fame

my plate of starter
my plate of salad
mine - grilled australian sirloin steak
adam enjoying the food
blackened norwegian salmon chop
mongolian style sizzling beef steak

charbroiled marinated boneless chicken and chicken satay mayo rolled in flat bread

my plate of desserts
adam and dhia with chef zubir

Laman Grill @ Laman Seri, Shah Alam 
No. G33, Block 5, Laman Seri Business Park, Seksyen 13, 40000 Shah Alam, SELANGOR
Tel : 03 - 5523 7386  
Hours : 1100am - 1100pm (Daily)

I Say (Ramadhan Semi-Buffet) 

Price : On the higher site..
Food : 
the main course served were half-sized of the normal portion.. I didn't get enough of my meat! I want more meat! Even the starter and dessert spread for buffet a little bit limited.. would love a more larger varieties..
Service : good.. was impressed by their waiter and waitresses.. nice and polite.. they even make sure that every table had their order.. and Adam was served by the owners' wife herself
Atmosphere : Cosy..Relaxing..
Cleanliness :clean   
Parking : park at the lot nearby

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