Saturday, July 27, 2013

Balik Hometown

We're going back to Merlimau today to celebrate the Ramadhan with inlaws.. Adam was the most excited person.. because of two reason.. ONE.. he got to meet his cousins.. TWO.. he got to get on the train (he would say step on the train) for us to meet Dude at Putrajaya Sentral since he's working..

So I'll be off updating our Iftar's menu (won't dare taking pictures at inlaw) for two days.. will only be back on Monday!!

These are an updated picture of Adam on the way to meet Dude at Putrajaya Sentral (since now I've arrived at hometown)..

in the ERL on the way to Putrajaya Sentral
while waiting for Dude at Putrajaya Sentral
keep himself busy playing cars

And the most sensational picture of Adam..

hemsem boy

with his new aviator.. no more rebut-rebut mama & papa punye yeh??

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