Thursday, July 11, 2013

2nd Ramadhan 1434H

So.. I manage to go through the day without any hitch.. yay! to me.. I even felt more energetic at the office.. no sleepy or any feeling except for coldness of the aircond.. its somewhat unbearable at times..

Today for Iftar we did go simple.. these are what we had..

egg salad

pajeri terung
ayam golek - bought by sis
bubur lambuk - distributed at the office
drink - longan

It's only the second day but I'm already at lost of what to have for Iftar..


beautifulLIFE said...

sedap nyer wehh pajeri terung!!!

Janggel / Rain said...

sedapnya egg salad dengan ayam golek tu!

aidaY said...

muahahahaha... sedapppp.. especially tgh pose nih..