Tuesday, July 30, 2013

21st Ramadhan 1434H

We've reached nearer to the end of Ramadhan.. It seems like only yesterday was the first day and puff came then 10 last days.. I just can't get enough of the month..
Today Iftar's was like a feast.. I came back with a couple of lauk for berbuka.. while my sis cook a couple more dish.. Luckily everybody came to the table with a huge appetite than usual.... hehehe..

ikan jaket goreng
masak lemak nenas & ikan kering
ayam goreng kunyit
fresh ulam
sambal & tempoyak

sambal tofu & terung
sambal udang & petai
bayam masak air
lepat liat

Actually there is a bowl of masak lemak cili padi ayam but I forgot to take picture of it.. Thanks to Adam and Sara for being impossible during the preparation for Iftar.. I was being really impatient.. So abah & mak took both of them out for a drive.. ehehhe.. thanx to them.. if not I'll sure be shouting till top of my lungs every second.. They came back with a new Adam & Sara.. a little bit controllable..

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