Sunday, August 4, 2013

26th Ramadhan 1434H

Actually today me and my sis were thinking of cooking simple dishes for Iftar.. only to be informed by abah that the bro is staying over for the night.. so every little bit of our menu have to be changed or adjusted..

We were thinking of grilling chicken and lamb and go western all the way.. so we had to add a couple more of the chicken and lamb.. and we added lauk dishes to be eaten with rice..

I guess its the miscommunication thing that my brother brought ikan bakar.. a lot of ikan bakar.. so our simple Iftar turn to another feast..

Feast your eyes with our menu.. heh!

ketupat sotong - brought my brother
lepat pisang - given by the neighbour
murtabak - brought by my brother
asam pedas salmon's head
steam soft tofu & brocolli
sambal ijau
blanched bendi as ulam
ikan bakar - brought my brother
air assam

grill chicken
potato salad

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Janggel / Rain said...

OMG banyak nye lauk!