Monday, August 19, 2013

3rd Day Syawal 1434H

3rd Day Syawal kitorang dah bercuti-cuti.. Tapi only after we finished beraya la.. Around lunch time kitorang dah gerak ke Penang.. the journey went smoothly.. and sampai Cititel Penang just nice untuk check-in.. But after I check-in only they told that my room is not yet ready.. since abah & mak pon belom sampai so we waited at the lobby..

on the way from Taiping to Penang

Then terase lapar.. so bergerak la ke Sup Hameed with hope that die bukak.. so unlucky that die tutup..  So I decided to go back to the hotel lobby to check for our room staus and wait for abah and mak while Dude went to Restoran Yasmeen for nasi kandar..back at the lobby.. our room is still not ready.. a couple of minutes after that abah & mak plus my sister arrived.. she check-in and try to get us a connecting room.. so nice of the girl that she upgraded us and we get a side by side room.. maybe kesian kot because I've waited for alost an hour but the room is still unavailable..

a table centrepiece
lobby in the background
not so patiently waiting for the room to be ready

Masuk bilik.. Dude pon balik from makan and he brought back 2 packets of nasik.. one for our room and another for mak & abah's room.. ahahhaha,, kenyang sangat hi-tea with nasik kandar..

After that ..freshen up and rested.. and promise to go out for dinner at Gurney Drive.. Situ lagi satu.. jem yang teramatnya.. and everytime we go through that situation mesti keluar ayat "lepas ni taknak dah datang penang time holiday or school holiday" tapi after that datang jugak lagi time holiday..

Makan pon tak berapa sebab banyak yang still tutup for raya.. makan in rush lagipon sebab Dude nak tengok Malaysia vs. Barcelona.. so malam tu memang takde gamba sebab makan dalam stress pon same.. berebut tempat duduk..

That night ended early for me and Adam.. penat sangat kot..

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