Sunday, August 25, 2013

Makan - Makan || Ais Tingkap, Penang

Another makan spot in Penang.. tapi this time dessert sport.. more like a drink.. So pergi la kitorang berpanas-panas nak try Ais Tingkap

According to my reading, Ais Tingkap got the name sebab dulu-dulu air ni dijual from tingkap.. so jadila ais tingkap

Sekali tengok ais tingkap ni is just a normal air sirap selasih.. tapi it is really refreshing.. in my reads.. ais tingkap ni is a normal air sirap dengan biji selasih with shaved ice.. then ditambah air kelapa and isi kelapa and also getah anggur.. truly refreshing masa tengah panas..

Kitorang order jugak cendol just to give it a try.. tapi i don't think it is the same macam the famous cendol tu..

walking back to the car

Ais Tingkap (Window Sherbet)
Lebuh Tamil (beside Chowrasta Market), Georgetown 10100 PENANG
Tel : 016-400 3310
Hours : 1200pm - 0800pm (except Sundays)

I Say 
Price : less than RM5 for a glass.. couldn't remember the exact price
Food : a refreshing drink.. 
Service : good
Atmosphere : in an alley
Cleanliness : fair 
Parking : the tricky part.. you have to walk from the parking area

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