Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Makan - Makan || Restoran Kapitan, Penang

Dude suggested that we try one of the restaurant that I've listed (yerp! I made a list) for lunch.. I guess he's tired of eating Restoran Yasmeen's nasi kandar.. ehehehe.. so the nearest is Restoran Kapitan in Chulia Street.. Following the direction from waze, we manage to find Chulia Street but couldn't find #93 since waze couldn't detect that address.. so we went through the street couple of times before finding the restaurant.. it is situated towards the end of Chulis Street if you were from Penang Street..

the restaurant

Luckily there were a space to park infront of one of the shops nearby.. so we walk a bit.. I don't think we'll get that lucky again next time.. (according to a colleague of mine who went there couple of days after me, he didn't get to eat at Kapitan because he couldn't find a parking space.. not even somewhere near..)

24 hours

The restaurant was quite full at that time.. but there were a table somewhere at the back of the restaurant.. on the way to our table we had to pass the grilling counter and I can see that the cook is grilling a whole lot of chicken.. I guess it is to be served together with the briyani since the tandoori are prepared at the front of the shop..

waiting patiently

We were seated quite a while before somebody came to us to take the order.. that was even after Dude called for their attention a couple of times.. we order cheese naan set with tandoori chicken and a claypot lamb briyani (since we already ordered the tandoori chicken).. I wanted to try their almond milk since I read a couple of reviews suggesting the drink.. but it was still not ready.. too bad..

briyani lamb
cheese naan & tandoori chicken set
the cheese

The briyani came first and Adam was hooked.. but the lamb was to small of a portion for the rice.. then came the cheese naan and tandoori chicken.. I fell in love.. the chicken was moist inside not the usual dry tandoori that I usually have.. and the cheese naan was crunchy and soft altogether.. the naan was serve together with dhaal.. but I had my naan and tandoori sandwiched together with a dip of the green tandoori sauce.. I was in my own world.. it was not enough for us that Dude ordered another cheese naan..

they even have deliveries
the happy customer

So.. we found a new place to eat in Penang.. yeahh..

the box
briyani chicken
Ouhh.. but we did't wait long for our second visit.. we had the food tapau the next day for bekalan balik KL.. muahahahhaha.. but instead of lamb we ordered the briyani chicken.. and oh mann!! the chicken I tell you.. was like.. yummmss! Adam finished 3/4 of the briyani rice and the chicken.. so me and Dude shared the naan..

So I would definitely suggest to everybody to give Restoran Kapitan a try if you were in Penang..

Restoran Kapitan, Chulia Street, Penang
93, Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, 10200 PENANG  
Tel : 04 - 264 1191 
Hours : 24 hours (daily) 

I Say  

Price : around RM25 for a claypot briyani and a set of cheese naan and tandoori chicken with an additional cheese naan  
Food : the claypot nasi briyani chicken is love love love.. and tandoori chicken and cheese naan is to die for.. so go figure! 
Service : serving the food was fast but its hard to get their attention for an order  
Atmosphere : a normal mamak ambience 
Cleanliness : fair but it would help if they get to clean their floor once in a while 
Parking : park at the spaces near the restaurant

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