Saturday, August 17, 2013

Makan - Makan || Yong Tau Foo, Taiping

We got the last member to arrive for the dinner award that night.. it was actually arranged by my uncle.. This is the place that abah's siblings used to hang out while they wait for my late grandmother at the hospital.. I've heard about this place but never get the chance or the time to try.. The place are known as Food Court belakang Balai Bomba.. If you can find the Balai Bomba Taiping then you wouldn't missed the food court..

Everything was already on the table.. so we only have to order for the drinks.. and I added nasi goreng cina taknak sayur & ayam goreng kunyit for adam.. then we digged in the yong tau foo..I love the sotong and tofu (takua according to the northern slang) the tofu is soft and yummy.. my aunty ordered tofu extra just because she didn't want to share.. 

For me the yong tau foo is nice.. but nothing special about it except for the tofu.. I would surely go back for the tofu.. but there were many yong tau foo stall.. so I couldn't say about the other stall.. but we had some issue with the drinks stall.. it seems that the boy taking our table's order didn't write our order and he got mixed up with aunties and uncles only received their order after they re-order.. by that time we were already finished with our food.. other than that was fine..

But it was nice of the drinks stall owner that he came and apologize and he only counted for the drinks on the table.. not according to the order.. according to my uncle that paid for the dinner, he paid less than what he expected.. so I can assume that the food there are cheap? yes?

the stall

Yong Tau Foo,Taiping    
Pusat Penjaja Taiping (belakang Balai Bomba Taiping), Jalan Sultan Abdullah, Taiping 34000 PERAK

I Say 
Price : I assume it is cheap since it was a treat by my uncle
Food : Most of the stall sell yong tau foo.. just sit and order.. they also have food to order..
Service : Depends on the stall that you choose..
Atmosphere : a normal medan selera
Cleanliness : fair 
Parking : park at the roadside or a parking area but you have to walk a bit

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