Thursday, August 29, 2013

Makan - Makan || Assam Laksa Sentap, Ipoh

Traffic jam on the way balik memang la tersangat teruk.. up till kene exit at Ipoh semata-mata untuk ke toilet.. R&R?? fail!

Lagipon Dude memang need the rest from the stress.. from Butterworth around pukul 2.. and we only manage to reach Ipoh at 10 malam.. bayangkan the stress??

Lepas dah exit tu, cari pulak tempat makan.. memang dah lapar sangat2.. pusing-pusing jumpe Mydin Mall yang baru bukak tu but that is not an option.. so carik a decent resturant around area tu and stumble upon this restaurant..

It is a decent restaurant with lots of choices.. tapi kitorang order masakan panas laa.. would stop again to try other food..
the menu book
orange juice suam
kuey tiaw kungfu

Assam Laksa Sentap, Ipoh 
Meru Raya, Jelapang, 30020 Ipoh PERAK 

I Say  
Price : affordable.. the normal rate 
Food : nice but I've yet to try their laksa 
Service : good  
Atmosphere :a normal restaurant but they need to install a good ventilation because whenever they are cooking the whole restaurant shrouded with smoke.. 
Cleanliness : clean 
Parking : plenty of parking infront of the restaurant

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