Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Adam & Sara

Latest picture of Adam and his little cousin Sara..

enjoying their choco milk together (rare moments)

Update on them :
  • they were still like cats and dogs
  • still berebut toys.. usually the toys will be left idle.. but once sorang main that thing the other one pon nak main jugak.. after that dengar la jeritan bersahut-sahutan..
  • bile loving moment sangat loving.. peluk la sayang la.. nyampah ai!
  • Adam is very overprotective of Sara.. cepat risau if his cousin sister buat something dangerous.. which is quite often! Akan kedengaran la Adam menjerit "Adik Saghaa*!! Jangaaaaann!!"
  • Bile one of them takde.. the other one akan start missing the partner.. I love to see the moment they meet up after a couple of days apart.. cute!!  

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