Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Makan - Makan || Meat U Here Steak House, Wangsa Maju

I was in the mood for red meat again.. this time around I suggested to try this one place that we found by chance during my last red meat craving.. 

Before that I googled to find out about this place.. afraid that I would be frustrated if that place doesn't offer t-bone eventhough they claimed to have variety of cuts.. According to most review they do have t-bone.. Mind you not all steakhouses offer t-bone in their menu.. Futhermore their drinks are bottomless.. thats good!

We found the place without a problem but to find a parking space seems like an eternity.. Alhamdulillah.. we got a space just infront of the shop after what seems like hundred of minutes..

At first I was afraid to enter because it was empty..totally empty.. is it close?? but there were some people in the kitchen.. so no.. its open.. why were there no people?? is the food bad?? hmmm.. but for the sake of t-bone I just entered (takut dengan Mr. AZ sebenarnya..mau die mengamuk kalau tiba2 tukar plan)..

A waitress came to greet us and offered me to look at their rows of meat cuts in the cooler.. whoaaahhh!! banyaknya... ok..ok.. cool.. don't be greedy.. I chose a medium size t-bone while Mr. AZ settled for a grain fed tenderloin.. plus point is.. we get to choose what we were paying for..

After settling everything with the cook we get back to our table where I ordered mushroom soup for Adam.. freeflow drinks are available.. hot and cold.. there is a machine at one corner for you to make your own hot drinks or even to get you juices.. and at another corner were entertainment area with karaoke machine and what not..

adam mushroon soup

We don't have to wait that long for our food.. i think it's just the normal waiting time.. and to me.. my t-bone was good.. Usually I would have to share with Mr. AZ.. but this time I finished it all by myself.. yummss!! I even love their salad & mashed potato.. Mr. AZ also gave a smile for his plate.. even Adam finished his bowl of mushroom soup..

my t-bone steak

Mr. AZ grain fed tenderloin

the gravy

I guess we would be coming here more frequent after this.. that is if we don't find any other better steakhouse than this..

I Say
Price : the total price was RM100 ++.. hey it's t-bone and a tenderloin!! worth the money paid
Food :  of course i love the food.. and fell in love with their mashed potato & salad
Service : great service
Environment : a casual and relaxing setting perfect for any ocassion
Parking : park by the roadside if you are lucky.. if not park at the parking area of wangsa walk mall but you have to walk to the steakhouse

Meat U Here Steak House

No.25, Jalan Wangsa Delima 12 (Wangsa Walk)
Section 5, Wangsa Maju
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 - 41420029 | Facebook

1100am - 1100pm (Mon - Thu & Sat - Sun)
230pm - 1100pm (Fri)

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Anonymous said...

Assalam, boleh tk sy mintak izin nak share kat fesbuk ??...Sy nak pegi makan ngan kawan sy kat sini...