Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wedding || Zalikha & Hazwan

Another family wedding this year.. this time around it was held at Restoran Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay.. Actually the couple was solemnised the day before.. on Friday.. i missed the event.. have something to settle at the office.. heard the ceremony went well and beautifully.. I get to see the akad nikah setting a day earlier.. and it was really beautiful..

the dais
the hall from family section
I arrived early at the reception.. as a family member.. makan dulu la.. heeee.. the food was great.. yang paling best of course ayam percik & daging masak hitam.. seriously.. i like! the dessert pon diorang keep on replenish.. so there's no short of things to eat.. and the best part is there's a section reserved especially for family members.. so boleh hangout lama sikit without rasa bersalah to other people..

grand entrance

Masa the couple masuk they were escorted with 2 little misses yang sangat excited dapat pakai baju "pwincess".. the couple wore maroon & gold attire.. cantek! lepas dah settle down semua.. ada slideshow.. ehehehe.. nice presentation.. lepas je slideshow tu i just lose track of what happening.. Adam dah mengaruk sebab mengantuk.. after that we just went back.. memang macam rushing sikit balik tu sbb adam dah terlentok sangat.. kesian..

Ouuhh.. forgot to tell.. the bride is my cousin's third child.. rumah dekat je.. setaman.. so..

"Ika & Hazwan.. enjoy your life as a couple in the MarryLand (as you put it)" 

husband & wife [picture from her fb page]

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