Saturday, October 20, 2012

Makan-Makan || Padi House, Galeria Putrajaya

Again??!! Ahahaha.. another lunch trip to Galeria.. this time to celebrate 2 collegues.. 1 is for becoming birthday since she's in Melaka.. and another 1 is because she's leaving the department.. We went there with a large group.. 12 to be exact.. ahahahah.. kecoh kejap Padi.. Luckily it's during Friday prayer's break..

menu book
our table

We agree to order different menu so that we can taste everything.. ehehehe.. good idea right?? this is what we ordered..

drinks - honey lemon (RM5.90)
drinks - iced honey lemon (RM4.90)
drinks - passion fruit ice tea (RM6.90)
drinks - orange juice (RM4.90)
caesar salad & smoked salmon (RM14.90)
fried mee hoon (RM8.90)
ginger & onion beef hor fun (RM9.90)
thai style fish finger rice (RM10.90)
seafood pasta with marinara sauce (RM14.90)
pasta de pesto with grilled chicken (RM13.90)
grilled salmon fish with key lime sauce (RM24.90)
grilled chicken with cafe de paris (RM14.90)
grilled chicken with pesto fondue (RM16.90)

Plus a couple of order that i didn't manage to take picture..fresh green apple (RM4.90).. mocha ice blended (RM7.90).. grilled lamb chop with black pepper sauce (RM16.90).. mongolian lamb cutlets set (RM17.90)..

The food was yummilicious.. the fact that it was fullhouse doesn't disturb their service.. our food and drinks arrive as per ordered and was great.. no comment from the table..

It was a great birthday and farewell lunch.. would be missing the colleague that would be leaving..

I Say
Price : the total price was around RM300.. still worth every penny that we paid..
Food :  love the food.. but for me the noodles was average.. not to my liking
Service : no complain on the great service
Environment : relaxing ambience.. nice place to celebrate any ocassion..
Parking : park by the roadside and at your own risk.. because we walked there..

Padi House @ Putrajaya
Galeria PjH
Jalan P4W
Persiaran Perdana
Presint 4, Putrajaya

10am - 10pm daily

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