Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nasi Tumpang

Pernah dengar Nasi Tumpang? me?? never in life.. first time la dengar ni.. and terus dapat rasa.. Actually this was a couple of months back punya cerita.. Nasi ni was given by a collegue.. dahla macam good timing.. was very hungry at that time.. 

According to my collegue this nasi was made by a person who is incharge of istana's kitchen.. which istana I'm not sure.. And after googling [thanx to Mr. Google] i get to know that this nasi originated from Kelantan.. also locally known as Nasi Tupe... 

4 layers of ingredients

The rice is wrapped in cone shaped banana leaf and consist of 4 layers of ingredients consist of omelette, prawn sambal, cicken floss and fish curry.. this ingredients are arranged in between rice and then were wrapped..I was so excited that I get to try one of the traditional food of Malaysia..

The Verdict?
I love the taste but for me the rice is too squishy.. more like a bubur or nasi lembik.. Maybe it was a one time thing with the nasi incident.. As a whole I love all the ingredients.. flavourful.. Every ingredients I get to taste all the necessary taste..get what I mean?? all the manis, masin, pedas, masam segala la.. cukup rasa.. But this nasi get me to wonder.. kenapa even dah mixed begitu rupa pon.. rasa die still tak bercampur?

Another downside is takde vege..

Would love to try a well cooked rice next time..

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