Saturday, October 13, 2012

Makan - Makan || Padi House, Galeria Putrajaya

Actually this is my third time coming here.. After my successful first and second experience here, I came again with another group of friends during lunch hour.. and this time I ordered different menu..The taste maintained and the ambiance maintained.. They were still full during lunch hour and the staff still managed to handle all orders without any delays.. 

our drinks - mine in the middle is honey lemon
my order - mexican beef taco
I love this taco.. would be ordering it again if I were too full to have a full meal next time..
spaghetti something
Too creamy for me.. cepat muak.. but it came together with a drink and mushroom soup.. super save..
Another friend ordered lamb cutlets.. yumm.. still taste yummy..

I can summarised this lunch a success and my order turned out very fulfilling.. I love! and this time around I force myself to order their pavlova.. but I didn't like it.. full of cream.. the creamy taste lingers in my mouth until that night.. it almost make me p*ke.. So no more pavlova after this.. not my cup of tea
I Say
Price : The total price was around RM70.. worth every penny..
Food :  Fusion I guess.. the quality and quantity was still the same as my first and second experience and it brought me to my fourth experience.. 
Service : Am satisfied with the service.. no complain there
Environment : A good place to eat once in awhile.. a change from the normal cafe food at the office..
Parking : Park by the roadside and at your own risk.. because I usually walk there..

Padi House @ Putrajaya
Galeria PjH
Jalan P4W
Persiaran Perdana
Presint 4, Putrajaya

10am - 10pm daily

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