Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adam IOP 2012 Celebration Party || Royal Bintang Hotel, The Curve

Last week was Adam's school final year celebration party.. they call it a party instead of concert.. it was held in Royal Bintang Hotel at The Curve.. We were informed of this party couple of  weeks back and I made sure that Mr. AZ took leave on that day since it is on Saturday (he works 6 days a week).. Whenever I asked Adam about the party, he always said "Birthday Party".. not even once that I saw him dancing or singing.. but he's teacher mentioned that they'll be performing.. 

This party is hosted by the Institute of Play (IOP) and participated by all their studios.. I think there were 5 studio all together under IOP.. and Adam is in Ampang Studio.. his teacher mentioned about wearing a shirt.. so I just put him on a red coloured tee.. hahaha.. talking about following instructions.. actually I was in the middle of a meeting when the call came.. and I didn't hear the teacher right I guess.. all his friends were wearing a white shirt.. sorry Adam.. my bad..

We went there after Mr. AZ weekly tennis session.. by the time we went out it was already 9 ++ and the party started at 10 o'clock.. we were at DUKE when a call came in.. it was Adam's teacher asking where we were since they were going to start rehearsal.. I don't think they mentioned any rehearsal in any of their call before.. well, they have to wait..

By the time we parked the car it was 9.30ish.. and I rushed both of Mr. AZ and Adam to find the hotel lobby since we parked at The Curve.. At the lobby, I can already heard some of the kids shouting and screaming wanting to go home.. whoaahhhh!! by that time I was already afraid of Adam's reaction.. but when he saw his teacher greeted him at the ballroom door and ushered him inside.. he followed her and waved goodbye to us.. that easy?? 

We registered at the reception table and were given coupons & vouchers.. the ballroom was almost half full with parents and family members.. the students were seated infront and parents at the back.. we were seated according to the studios.. our studio were seated towards the end of the ballroom.. 

While waiting for the party to start, Mr. AZ took pictures of Adam with his friends.. I was afraid to go infront at first.. fearing that Adam would cry and wanted to follow me instead of seating with his friends and performing.. Unexpectedly he just smiled, waved and then continue chit-chating with his friends.. seriously, this is a side of him that I never saw before.. usually he refused to leave my side..

Adam enjoying himself watching some of his classmates performing macarena

The party was a relaxing affair.. no protocol whatsoever.. the parents just enjoying all the performances.. but the downside is the difficulty of taking pictures or even videos of the performance.. when Adam's studio turn to performed, he was not on the stage.. well I guess he wasn't selected because he's too shy.. maybe Adam was the stage fright type.. just like mama.. haha! but then there were another song by their studios.. this time Adam was on the stage.. when the song starts, he started to sing and dancing.. another side of him that I never saw before.. not even a trace of stage fright.. only enjoyment.. I was so proud of him performing until I wept.. bahahahah!! talk about being emotional..

 Adam performing with his friends..

 gangnam dance

their daily song by all the studios

their final song

After that a couple of performance by the rest of the studios.. towards the end there were performance by all the studios.. they even performed gangnam style where Adam enjoyed so much, and an encore of gangnam style.. then the teapot song and couple of their daily songs at school.. Adam was singing and dancing all through performance.. he changed alot! he's not the Adam that I enrolled at the school at the beginning of this year.. he's the new and improved Adam.. 

I was really impressed.. and greatful to all his teachers.. here.. I would like to thank the teachers (Teacher Thelma, Teacher Mimi, Aunty Egy, Aunty Cindy, Aunty Ika, Uncle Nizam and Uncle Saiful) in Tumble Tots Ampang Studio for being so patient in handling my Adam.. .. Thanks a million!!

with Teacher Thelma

I still remember the first day I sent Adam, he was crying and refused to leave my side.. but I had to.. Then I saw one of the teachers picked him up and hold him just the way that I would when calming him down.. When I picked him up at the end of the school session that day, he's still in the same position (on the teachers lap) when I left him.. that means, the teacher held him like that all through the session..

best of friends

After the final performance  we took couple of pictures and then helped ourselves to the refreshments.. after that we left because Adam was already asking for his milk..

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