Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Makan - Makan || Rasa Utara, Galeria Putrajaya

It is one of the days where we ger tired f the food at the cafe.. so menapak la kitorang ke Galeria for something different.. Some suggest us to try the laksa utara.. they said it is the best.. even somebody who is crazy for laksa said it is the best.. so off we go to Rasa Utara to try the laksa..

At that time the place was quite full.. duhh!! its lunch hour! 

Me and my friend ordered Laksa Kedah.. and for drinks i ordered sirap selasih & laici while my friend ordered milo gunung keriang (also known as milo dinosaur).. we don't have to wait that long for our food.. i ordered for extra nenas but the waiter came with very small portion of pineapple for me to add on.. adekah terlalu mahal nenas itu?? portion yang dapat tu as if macam takde tambah apa2 pon.. and then i asked for limau nipis and cili padi and he came back with 1 calamansi each and another small portion of cili padi.. hmmm.. malas nak mintak lagi..

laksa kedah

During this time our drinks is not served yet.. first time that i ever experience this.. air dapat kemudian dari food..

sirap selasih & laici

milo gunung keriang

To me, the laksa is not to my liking.. eventhough there is half of a fish in the bowl.. maybe i'll be back to try their other dishes.. BUT.. my friend like the laksa..

Rasa Utara @ Galeria
Unit 13, Lot 4C11, Galeria PjH, Jalan P4W, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4, PUTRAJAYA
Hours :
900am - 800pm (Daily)

I Say
Price : quite expensive RM 13++ for a bowl of laksa
Food :  most of my friend said it's the best laksa they ever tasted but for me.. i had better.. sorry.. not to my liking..
Service : good service
Atmosphere : a nice and simple setting.. just nice for a restaurant in an office building
Cleanliness : clean.. even the kitchen (that is visible from our table) is clean
Parking : parking at building basement or even by the roadside at your own risk


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