Monday, November 12, 2012

Akad Nikah || Azizul & Shakira

An early morning on Sunday is something so not me.. but for this event I'll sacrificed my sleep time.. heee.. Gemencheh where the akad nikah took place is some 2++ hours from our house in KL.. Was adviced by the grrom to take the Simpang Ampat exit and head to Tampin instead of taking the Kuala Pilah route.. supposed to save time.. I slept all the way.. hehehehe..

We arrived something about 9.30ish.. everybody was there.. we were just in time bearing the most precious gift.. the sirih junjung.. After everybody was there.. we walked to the bride's house.. I guess the family was surprised by our big group.. so some of the younger generation stayed outside.. but I managed to squeezed in to take pictures.. these are the pictures of the akad nikah..

waiting for the bride
the bride
at one-go he's a husband
groom's hantaran
bride's hantaran

After the akad nikah we had a light refreshment before we off to rumah singgah while waiting for the majlis sanding.. there were already people coming for the kenduri by the time we leave.. Mr. AZ decided to follow his brothers to one of the wife's auntie house somewhere nearby instead of to the rumah singgah.. he said let the elder generation stayed there since it is much nearer to the kenduri..

The berarak took place around 12++ just before zuhur.. and it was in the middle of the day and the sun was super hot.. to make matter worst we had to wait for the other couple's family member to berarak together (the kenduri is for 2 couples).. why can't people be punctual? especially if it involves other people?


At the kenduri there not enough space for all of us.. since we were in a big group and there are 2 families.. so we just had our meal together with other guests.. no problem there.. the  food was great.. my favourite ayam merah & daging masak hitam.. yummyy.. nothing much happening or should I say I don't care on what happening at the main table because it was too hot.. peluh meleleh2.. I just couldn't stand anymore.. teros ajak hubby balik.. Adam pon started to get cranky..

Took picture with the bride and groom and off we go..


And now.. I'm down with fever and quite a bad cough..

p/s: the groom's hantaran was made by yours truly.. cantek kan?? theme colour magenta..


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