Friday, January 4, 2013

2nd Day of School

2nd day as expected memang difficult.. dari rumah lagi dah tanak gi skolah.. aduiihhh.. tapi memang heret and bagi janji2 manis laa.. Had to promise him a die cast black porcshe to get him into the car.. ok.. settled one problem..

after breakfast with opah
posing infront of the aquarium

one picture before leaving

Lagi satu masalah bile dah sampai depan pintu skolah.. tanak masuk la pulakkk.. ke kept on saying "takut.. takut..".. die keraskan diri die dalam batu.. can't even move.. so the teacher had to let me in to get him in.. dah duduk at the bench.. one of the teacher came and hold him.. so saya pon apa lagi.. ca-alip-bot laaa... dengar la his shouts and cry.. but this time around I just waited for about 15 minutes.. 

Came back around 12.. pengajaran dari the day before.. at 12.30, he was among the last to leave.. kesian la pulak.. so kali ni memang ramai parents waiting.. sebab they go 1-by-1 kena tulis nama of the kid and who's the one picking up.. then only they call the kids name.. while the kids waited inside the school sitting on the benches.. semua already geared up to go home.. When my turn came, I saw Adam and he's not ready yet.. and he's still playing.. when the teacher called up his name.. he just smiled at me and said "hi, mama!" and kept on playing.. boleh?? Adalah about 15 minutes tunggu die.. taknak balik la pulaakkkk... haihhh..

when the teacher called up his name.. siap main peek-a-boo lagi

waiting for him to get ready for home

Today, bile tanye how's school or did you cry.. he's answer would be

"no, Adam don't cry.. I'm happy"

Alhamdulillah.. lega.. so the problem now is during nak hantar to school jek.. after dah masuk he would be ok.. Hopefully my father can manage him next week.. adoila anak..

Ouhh.. and that night after the father came back.. he said..

"papa, adam nak 1 black porsche.. kite pegi KLCC ok?"

Ahahahha.. amek! tuntut tuh!! 

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