Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chatime Crazee

I know.. I know.. this thing dah sangat lama.. eheheh.. tapi everytime nak beli je the Q must be maha panjang.. just imagine.. at 10 p.m the Q is still long.. i don't think it is that berbaloi to Q and wait that long.. but I guess it's just my luck that chatime open a branch at Mr. AZ's office and he said the Q was not bad.. whether it is new or the craze is already over.. but do I care?? not! asalkan penah rasa..

But when he asked me what to order.. I said just asked the staff which is the favourite.. cause I seriously don't know.. hee.. 

So when he fetched me, a large cup was waiting for me.. and he said the staff recommended him that thing.. so I excitedly tasted it and loving it.. and we ended up fighting for it along the way.. he said luckily he bought the large cup.. because I order the smallest cup available.. heeheheh.. thanx Mr. husband.. another order next time maybe?

my strawberry pudding au lait

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