Thursday, January 3, 2013

Macam-Macam 1st day at new school

The day finally came.. Adam orientation week at new school.. Actually a bit confident that Adam would be okay since this is our 3rd or 4th trip to the new school.. Hahahah.. sangat meleset.. he started to melekap to me as we arrive at school.. mebe terkejut tengok penuh dengan parents..

Tapi one thing to say about parents nowadays.. memang totally different from our parents.. dulu parents (my parents la.. parents orang lain taktau).. datang hantar just masa darjah satu je.. itupon sebab nak settle the registrations.. abah didn't even took leave for me registering standard 1.. after that memang takde datang dah.. years after that.. yuran pon bayar sendiri.. 

muka macam confident

Parents nowadays cuti sampai 2-3 hari (that's me).. itu anak baru nak masuk kindergarten.. tapi not saying that I'm better than anybody else.. tapi kalau boleh lepas dah hantar anak tu and die dah settle down please lah kluar.. lagi mau tayang muka kat situ.. I was expecting to send Adam depan pintu skolah and tros blah (tipu2 blah je padahal ada kat luar tu).. tapi since ramai parents masuk dalam, so i had to hantar Adam sampai dalam.. punyelah sesak dalam tu.. with some kids crying and parents ramai2 dalam tu.. Adam pon start nanges.. hadoilaaa... bile one of the teacher said

"ok, it's 8.30.. we're going to start our class!!"

For me that's a sign for me to leave.. I called one of the teacher there to hold Adam.. and I left him shouting and crying inside.. hah! drama sungguh! Tapi some of the parents tak dapat hint lagi.. ntah ape yang die tunggu??! Come on! you've paid the school.. that means you already gave your trust to them.. so apa lagi??

with opah before leaving

I waited for around 1 hour plus luar skolah Adam sebab kejap2 macam dengar his crying voice.. macam kesian.. tapi I still kept myself invisible.. just be around in case of anything.. Lama2 malas teros balik..

I came back closer to 12.30.. skali tengok ada 2-3 kids left including Adam sitting obediently on the bench.. when he saw me, his face lighted up.. happy sangat.. so I asked him

"did you cry?"

one of the teacher said,

"after he cooled down he's okay, see you tomorrow Adam!"

I guess Adam didn't hear his teacher said bye since he was too excited to go home.. When at home I asked him,

"tomorrow you go to school okay?"

he said,

"no, school tutup"

Ahahahhha.. should I expect the worst tomorrow?

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