Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi-Tea STF937 || Melting Pot, Concorde Hotel KL

This year marked the 20th year of friendship of me and my STF friends.. to be exact our friendship turned 20 on 5th of December 2013..

So some of the girls managed to gather some of us in Klang Valley for a hi-tea at Concorde Hotel.. I brought Adam along since nobody is at the house..

And yeah I love catching up with the girls (i mean ladies) and enjoying the hi-tea in between.. hence not much picture of the event.. but I do have some picture of my dessert and a picture of the attendees taken from a friend's fb account..

table centrepiece
my 1st plate of dessert
his kind of dessert
taken from Nadzuha.Kaman fb

For me the hi-tea is worth it.. to pay RM70 and get to enjoy wide range of food is acceptable..

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