Saturday, June 22, 2013

Road Trip

We had a road trip today.. a family wedding (on abah's side) at Jelapang, Perak.. it was my parents, siter & BIL and little Sara with me & adam.. Dude (previously referred to as Mr. AZ) didn't join us because he had to work..

WE start after breakfast around 10 a.m.. it was a stressful trip for me since I worked till midnight the day before and did not get enough sleep.. thought of catching up on some sleep during the journey.. but adam excitement in checking on every exit and toll plaza was too fun to missed..  

not much of a picture of the wedding.. just the picture of adam and little Sara during the trip..

enjoying the journey
his 2 favourite things in the world - choc & ice cream
she demanded for pink ice cream
an attempt on gwiyomi
his first peace pose
cheeky girl

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