Saturday, June 8, 2013

Makan - Makan || Satay Sri Melaka, Lembah Keramat

Eversince we try this satay, we never look back.. this has been our go to place to have satay.. it's not much but enough for us..

Everything was up to par (our par).. the meat is big and moist.. the kuah kacang is full of flavour.. not only sweet but together with spicy that perfected it.. and it is not runny like water.. typing this makes me crave for it..

I would suggest to go on weekdays and in the earlier part of the night.. usually after Isya' would be the worst time.. they would always be full and sometimes you would be out of luck where they ran out of satay.. we experienced once when we tried to reorder another plate of satay and were informed that they ran out of it.. luckily we had the 1st plate.. so.. be early guys!

full house
a plate of satay

Satay Sri Melaka, Lembah Keramat AU5   
Satay Sri Melaka, Medan Selera AU5, Taman Lembah Keramat, 54200 KUALA LUMPUR 
Tel : 013 - 640 9895
Hours : 0500pm - 0100am (Mon - Sat)  

I Say  

Price : RM0.80 a stick of satay.. they do charge for nasi impit..
Food : I love their satay both chicken and beef.. the meat is moist... the kuah kacang is full of flavour.. not too sweet but a little bit of spiciness 
Service : they were always full.. so you have to attract the waiter if you want to be served fast..
Atmosphere : a normal warung at a medan selera 
Cleanliness : fair 
Parking : park in front of the warung but usually you have park by the roadsid.. on weekends night you might have to park across the road at the shoplots..

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