Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Forgotten Words

These are words that I used to use on a daily basis.. Now, they were no longer used or have been forgotten.. Not until just now that I blurted out a word and gave me an idea to write a post on this.. these are what I can remember for now.. and there would be other series of this entry.. most of the words here are the words in high school

Okay, lets start..

a hair situation after wearing tudung or even hat for too long.. it usually happens after school, after washing hair or even after cutting hair short.. since we were a boarding school, I don't know why but we tend to cut our hair short.. I guess less maintenance.. the dialogue would go like this

"eh! apasal rambut ko kulop semacam je?"

an impression of a kulop hair - source : google

a walking activity especially in the evening and at night around the school compound.. this is where we usually share problems and gossiping with friends while 'exercising'.. this round compound thing can be participated as small as 2 person to as many as you want.. sometimes the round compound at night would be accompanied by singing loudly.. the bight round compound only happens on weekends night.. but there would be occasional weekdays night round compound..

"malam ni kite round compound nak?"

an impression of round compound - source : google

actually this word existed by mistake.. it was one of the rule & regulation where we were not allowed to share beds.. the sharing beds situation would always happen during scary moments.. I usually had this moments where I had goosebumps and hearing things especially at midnight.. this is where I usually share bed with one of my dorm-mates.. so back to the mistake thing.. In the rules & regulation they were saying about tidur sekatil.. but the typo was tidur sekati.. that word stick till I left school..

impression of tidur sekati - source : google

a situation where usually junior student would be scolded or advice 'nicely' after doing something that angered or displeased a senior student.. the lecture will occur at a 'secret' place and attended by around 15 - 20 senior student.. so just imagine you as a junior student alone being advice 'nicely' by 15-20 pther person.. but mind you.. there were no physical contact..

this is the word that I missed the most.. actually this word I used during my uni days.. It was a nickname for Mr. AZ.. when I talk to him, I would addressed him as dude.. this goes on until we were engaged.. until one day abah heard us and he said "hang still aku-kau and dude-dude lagi? takkan sampai kawen nak camtu?" so, after that we tried to change to saya-awak.. which at first very the weird one... until now.. we had the saya-awak thing.. I think maybe I should addressed Mr. AZ as Dude here.. just to keep the word close at heart right? ok.. so from now onwards.. Mr. AZ would be known as dude in all my entry..

Ok.. I've ran out of words for now..  I would add more words in my coming entry on this..

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chics said...

This entry made me smile. Sekarang tetiap malam tidur sekati hihihih